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Creating A Workspace That Inspires- Space #2

There's been so many gorgeous spaces in the Real Estate category of the Photo Contest and now we're checking out some incredible photographer spaces too!

Join us as we go on a behind the scenes virtual tour of some of of the studios and offices of our Shoot & Share Photographers!

Jes Clewell is based in Saint Paul, MN where she's been shooting weddings since 2005. She loves cool cars, plants, podcasts (and a good Gin & Tonic 😉).

When it comes to her office space, Jes says they learned from experience.
"Our previous studio spaces were old buildings with lots of character and all the problems that come with that. We decided to go clean with white walls and grey floors. The sound panels were hung along with the separating curtains to improve sound quality as well as break up the space. We picked modern furniture mixed with some vintage pieces like the side tables and chairs."

Check out Jes and her awesome space below!

Jes says having a dedicated space to work and meet with clients that’s inspiring and free from distractions makes it easier to focus & and do her job well!

"I wanted the space to reflect my work without having to be filled with it. I have prints and albums and share photos on the  display. But the clean whites and deep blacks with pops of bold unexpected areas reflect my photography style."

Inspired to create a space like this of your own? Here's all the fun details!!

Paint: Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Mural: photo by Kris Clewell of Adam Carollas Porsche 935 printed by 3M

Curtains: Amazon

Speakers: Martin Logan

Preamp: McIntosh

White chair: Restoration Hardware

Couch, entertainment center, coffee table: Ikea

Sound deadening panels: Reclaimed from local theatre

Side tables: France & Son

You can find more of Jes and her work here:




Want even more inspiration? Check out Part 1 of our Creating a Workspace that Inspires series!

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Creating a Workspace That Inspires

Whether you have a tiny corner of your house, a dedicated office, or a separate studio to call your own, creating a workspace that is both functional and creative can be the difference between feeling ready to dive in head first to into or feeling uninspired to edit or tackle that 'To Do' list.

If you’ve got a drab office or studio space, we've got just the motivation to help you create a new space you love!

Here are some quick tips to create the space of your dreams!

1. Let Your Personality... and your brand... shine! Create a space that is a reflection of you... and your brand. Add in textures and finishes... colors and artwork that is a reflection of you and your brand. Print those images... and display albums & products you love.

--> PRO TIP: If your office space is at home and not for client sessions, print samples and prints of your own family. You'll still be able to show clients what your products look like... with samples that your family can enjoy.

2. Keep essential items close! Whether it's a chalkboard for jotting down ideas & plans.. a pretty planner for keeping tabs on sessions... or a place to visualize your workflow, keeping the things you use daily and your upcoming schedule in plain site will help you stay on task & keep things organized.

--> PRO TIP: Many local home improvement stores sell chalkboards & whiteboards in large sheets. Quickly frame it out and you'll have a full size chalkboard at a fraction of the cost!

3. Keep your space clean! It's so easy to get buried under a mountain of paperwork... memory cards and stray coffee cups by the end of the day, but taking 5 minutes to do a quick clean up makes it easier to focus on the work ahead!

Looking for more motivation? Over the next week we'll be sharing awesome spaces from some of our Shoot & Share Photographers!

Up first, Haili VanDerEems of Haili Jean Photo & Haili Jean Design

Haili is primarily a couples & wedding photographer, who also shoots some senior and family sessions. She's also a freelance graphic designer & illustrator, who currently lives in Ohio, but dreams of moving closer to the mountains soon.

When it comes to her office space, Haili focused on making her space simple and easy to keep tidy.

"I can’t focus in a messy and over visually stimulating environment. I need simple, tidy, and inspiring."

Check out Haili and her awesome space below!

Haili says the on thing in her office that makes her life & job easier is having a computer screen that's big enough to see all the details.

"I used to do all my editing and work on a tiny Apple laptop, but after I got this desktop Mac, I can’t believe I ever did anything on that tiny screen. It makes editing and other work so much simpler and quicker. I don’t think I can ever go back to having a tiny screen."

Inspired to create a space like this of your own? Here's all the fun details!!

Curtains - Target

Desk - IKEA

Chair - Wayfair

Blanket over chair - Home Goods

Books/Journals - Jenessa Wait, Letterfolk, Alli Koch, Chalkfulloflove

Calendar - Hosanna Revival

Wall art - Hobby Lobby & some magazine cut outs for my vision board

You can find more of Haili and her work here:
Instagram -
Facebook -
Pinterest -

For more fun studio & office ideas, check out Part 2 of our Creating a Workspace That Inspires series.

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Meet Our Community Friends: HomeSewn Photography Props
If you've ever attempted to wrap a newborn, you know how hard it can be to get that perfectly smooth wrap! Photo Contest Community Friend, and owner of HomeSewn Photography Props, Leah Severson, turned her newborn wrapping troubles into a business.

Leah says her inability to wrap newborns well in her own sessions led her to design four wrap styles that make wrapped babies look perfect every time... even if you're not a great wrapper 😉.

Photo Credit: Leah Severson

Along with HomeSewn Photography Props, Leah also runs The Photographer's Co-op. Leah says the community is a place for photographers to learn. They have LOTS of free videos from industry leaders who share their knowledge on posing, lighting, marketing, and more!

What are you working on right now?

I'm super excited about some new things I'll be launching soon in HomeSewn.  We'll be offering a subscription service for our TuckWraps.  Subscribers will get first dibs on new designs each month.  I'm also adding lots of new floral fabrics and other fun designs to the shop - including a rainbow TuckWrap set that I'm working on designing right now.

What is the goal of your brand/community?

The goal of HomeSewn Photography Props is to help photographer "up" their wrapping game by offering unique, patent-pending newborn wraps that are easy to use.  The goal of The Co-op is to provide photographers with a wealth of free educational resources from industry leaders.
Photo Credit: Leah Severson

What do you hope that photographers learn/take away from being part of your brand/community?

Education and inspiration.

What is your biggest piece of advice for a photographer that is just starting out?

Set your prices and policies from the very beginning so that when issues arise - and they will - you don't have to try to figure things out as you go.  Price yourself appropriately.  Always always always treat your clients with kindness, even if that's not how they're treating you.  And remember that when you have an issue with vendors, to treat them with kindness as well.   They're people too, after all.

To learn more about HomeSewn Photography Props, check out their Facebook Page & their FB Community!

Voting is still open, CLICK HERE to join in!! See you in the community!!

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Voting is LIVE, and there have already been over 10 Million votes cast!!

So far 30,000 Voters from 90 countries 🌎 have spent 8,500 hours ⏰ casting 10,000,000 votes 🗳! Plus there's been 100,000 hearts (favorites) given out!!

We're so excited for this year's Photo Contest and we want you to vote too!! It's the biggest FAIR & FREE Photo Contest in the World, and EVERYONE CAN VOTE (Yup, everyone, so be sure to help us share the news!!)


Here are some tips from the Pros!

1. Charge your devices (laptop, phone... kids' tablets 😉) and increase your data plan!
2. Meal prep now (or order take out)... you won't want to cook!
3. Tag your friends... your clients... your BFF... your great aunt... you get the idea. We don't want anyone to miss out, so share the news!!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram Facebook for all the latest contest news & updates!! See you there and Happy Voting!
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