Family Appropriate
Keep it Real
Photos submitted should be appropriate for people of all ages to look at and appreciate. We ask that you do NOT submit photos that contain nudity (baby bottoms are ok, no visible genitalia) except where noted, or photos depicting a sexual act, as some people may be sensitive to this type of content.
Unless otherwise noted, photos submitted to the wedding categories should be REAL brides and grooms at a REAL wedding.
No Collages/Borders
No Watermarks
Please submit only single photos. Any combined, collaged, or diptych photos or photos containing any sort of border will be denied.
To protect the anonymity of the contest, photos containing a watermark of any kind will be denied.
No Duplicates
No Resubmitting Photos
Each individual photo may be uploaded once and submitted to a single category.
Photos submitted in past Shoot & Share Contests will not be accepted or eligible to win.
Styled Shoots
Birth Photos
Styled or stylized shoots (including styled weddings) with models and/or vendor collaborations should be submitted to the “Styled Shoots/Fashion” category. Please ensure you have permission from workshop hosts before submitting any photos taken at a workshop or retreat.
For the purpose of the Shoot and Share Photo Contest, we are asking that Birth Photography submitted does not contain excessive blood or visible genitalia of the mother or infant. Images should not contain the mother’s nipple(s). If you believe your image may contain excessive blood, we suggest submitting it in black and white. If your image is not approved, you will be notified.
Second Shooters
Image Release
Please only submit a photo you, yourself have taken. If you captured an image while second shooting for another photographer, you should obtain permission before entering that photo into the contest.
It is your responsibility to ensure you have obtained a release and/or permission from your client/subject before entering any image into the Shoot & Share Photo Contest.
Digital Backdrops/Composites
Digital backdrops and composites are allowed in all categories. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the proper rights/permission to use any digital content you have purchased or used in any images submitted to the Shoot & Share Photo Contest.
For the purpose of the Shoot & Share Photo Contest, we are asking that Boudoir Photography submitted does not include fully visible or exposed nipples or genital areas, or depict any sexual acts as some people may be sensitive to this type of content. Boudoir imagery will need to be submitted to the Boudoir category only please.
more questions? check out the contest faq!
If a photo is submitted that violates any of these rules, that submission will be lost and this will affect your total number of photos entered.
We reserve the right to remove any photo(s) that we do not feel are appropriate for the photo contest.
We will make every effort to notify the submitter if the photo is removed from the contest.