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Three Easy Steps To Selling Albums (without being a cheesy salesperson)

So you've just shot an epic session with your client. They LOVE their photos, probably even shed a few tears as they clicked or swiped through them. And now, they want to share them everywhere they can. They want to keep them and treasure them for the kids to enjoy someday... maybe even their grandkids!

But, what's next? Your client would probably love to have a gorgeous album to keep forever, right? But, what if they don't? You don't want to come across as some salesperson trying to push them into spending more and more money.

We've got your back... in fact, we've actually created a really cool system for it called Online Personal Sales or OPS for short. It's all about giving your clients the choice to purchase the things they want, in a personal way, without being "salesy."

More on OPS at the bottom... but here are a few basics to get you started.

1. Educate Your Clients

You are probably incredible at serving your clients once they book. So, you know that anyone you get to serve is getting the best service and will walk away very, very happy. Can you say the same for the other photographers they may hire? No. So if you want themto experience the best, you'd want them to work with you. And to do that... they have to know about you. And the only way they'll hear about you is if you or your previous clients tell them.

Albums are the same way.

If you don't tell your clients about the products you provide, how will they know about them? 

So let them know.
One great way to do that is to let people know you offer them on your website and through your Online Gallery. Another is to show them an album in person. For some of you, this can be pretty uncomfortable and feel salesy... so let's explore another option.

Digital Album Samples.

SHOW them what their own album can feel like... without having to have the album. You can put their photos right into the album and share it with them in video form (without the album existing!) Check out the video below... that album doesn't actually exist... it was created with 4 photos in less than a minute.

How to do this with Pass...

Pass makes it easy, you can create an Album Sales Video using your Pass Mobile App and share the video everywhere... yes EVERYWHERE! Social Media, Emails, Your Website... everywhere!

(time required: under 1 minute)

2. Make It Easy For Your Clients

We all know we're much more likely to do something if it's easy. The more complicated, the more thinking, the more decisions... and... nope, we don't even start. So do a bit of the work for your clients (it can be easy for your too... keep reading).

Design an album for them using their favorite images and then share it with them. Seeing their OWN images in the layouts can create an emotional connection which will help them see what it can be. It will also make it so all they have to do is click the button to buy.


And with the right Photo Gallery... all the design work can be done for you... automatically.

How to do this with Pass...

Use Pierre, the Automated Album Designer built right into the Pass Smart Store. And the best part? Your clients can make their own edits right on that design before purchasing!

Who knew albums could be so easy?

(time required: under 1 minute)

3. Motivate Your Clients

If you're new to selling products, start with an "Introductory Price" to get your clients excited about purchasing their album from you.  Discounts can be very motivating, especially if they are for a limited time. Be sure to create a CTA (Call to Action) which encourages your client to purchase their product from you within that specific time.

This may seems a bit more salesy than the first two points, but you can actually do this from your couch... in your pajamas. Just let your Client Gallery do the work.

How to do this with Pass...

Use the built in "Send a Product" feature paired with the "Send a Coupon" feature to motivate your clients to purchase an album from you.

This can include the album design Pierre took care of for you in step #2... so it's ready for purchase. And once they buy, Pass will print the album and ship it straight to their door for you!

(time required: under 1 minute)

It's Your Turn:

If you want to know more secrets for doing OPS - Online Personal Sales, then hit me up below and I'll send you an invite to join the OPS Course & Private Community.

"I'm pretty sure Pierre and I are going to be BFFs because he's doing all the work and I'm getting all the profit 💁"

See you on the flip side (that's an album pun 😉),


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A Three Step Guide for Consistently Finding New Clients

Looking to consistently find new clients like top photographers do without spending 3-5 hours a day?

You're not alone. We all know we can be doing more to build our photography businesses, but we also have busy lives filled to the brim and overflowing at times. So, we need a way to reliably grow interest in our services, without throwing away hours a day. We've seen social media work for a bunch of photographers, but how to we do it well? And by well, I mean... how do we get results? Engagement, shares, inquiries... bookings!

Well we have a few strategies below that will help. We've kept them simple so you can just start. And we know they work because we've taught them to many others and the results are the real deal.

Candace wrote us:

"Update. I've booked 3 sessions with full payment after my post this morning 🙌"

3 sessions from a single post? Now that’s the kind of traction that social media can get you (when done right).

Candace's process is simple. She posts killer Vivi videos of her photos (that take her minutes to create) consistently through the week with clear calls to action. Then she responds to her comments and inquiries.

Here's why her posts are working... Let's dive in.

A 3 step process for client-getting social media posts

Step 1
: Be consistent

You won't get very far by posting here and there. Your audience (even if it's tiny) only sees the posts that Instagram or Facebook show you... remember that algorithm you keep hearing about? Well it's super complicated and super simple, but there are basically two cycles you can be on.


You post a beautiful photo from your last session after a week or two without posting... because hey... who has time for social media with 3 kids or a full time job? And besides, the last post you put up only got 12 likes anyway. But you know that people are finding new clients with their posts so you feel like you should. You caption it something like "Feeling the summer vibes with this one." This new post doesn't perform any better than the last. That's discouraging... bummer... and you don't have another session for 3 weeks so what would you post anyway? 3 weeks later, same story. Same 12 likes. Same discouragement.

The less you post, the less Instagram puts you in your followers feed. Which means less eyeballs on your work. Which means less engagement. Which means even less people see the next post (darn you algorithm!) and the cycle continues downward.


You post a sneak peek from your latest session as a quick video that includes movement and music which creates emotion (more on this in #2). You caption it something like "Kristen slayed both dresses in her Fall Mini Session! Which one stands out more to you? The classy white? Or the vibrant orange? ... and hey... are you ready for your mini session? Click the link in bio to reserve your session before they're gone in the next week." A number of people like and comment their favorite dress... one even inquires about pricing on the mini sessions.

You post again the next day and the next, each with questions to engage your audience and calls to action to give them something to do. The algorithm sees the engagement and consistency and shows your next post to more people. Some of them engage too, so they show it to even more. And the cycles continues upward!

So yes, the best way to be seen and to grow is to post consistently. More chances for people to see your posts and more chances to find out which of your posts do best... and then keep doing it!

Being consistent is difficult, especially with our busy lives... that's why there are tools to help you out:
We created a crazy effective 30 day course to walk you through exactly what to post and how to post it.

Step 2
: Use video

It's no secret that the algorithm favors video. Just take a look at your feed today! If the people you follow feature videos, those are the posts you see most. Here's why:

1. Video is shared 12X more than photos or text. (more potential clients reached)

2. Video can convert visitors to purchasers 80% more effectively. (more clients booked)

A video is the whole meal... not just a a couple ingredients and it can really tap into the emotion behind your images. Your potential clients make purchasing decisions emotionally... so help them out.

And video can be super fast to create. Have you logged into Vivi lately?

Step 3
: Use CTAs and Tag your people

Tagging everyone in your video is a sure way to extend the reach and encourage sharing. And once you're in front of more people, use that description area to make a clear Call To Action (CTA) that encourages people to comment, inquire, etc!


If you're looking for more ways to optimize your posts to consistently find new clients... check out the 30 Days of Social Media Magic from Vivi. They'll hold your hand each step of the way to the most profitable month of your business! (and it's only $29 if you get in today).

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